1st Adult: $400.00
2nd Adult: $165.00
1st Child: $165.00
2nd Child: $165.00
3rd Child: $165.00
4th Child: $165.00
5th Child: $165.00
29-02-2024 – 27-02-2025
12 Months


NOTE: The system indicates the first member as an "adult". We understand in many cases the family memberships may only consist of children members. Please just include the first childs details in the "adult member" section where there is no adult drivers on the membership.   

Membership Breakdown:

First Family Member (adult or child) - $400.00 (includes $110 licence cost)

Any additional Family Members (adult or child) - $165.00 each (includes $110 licence cost)

Memberships Overview:

For family membership of the Association under these rules, a group of one or more parents or guardians and their children (including step-children, adopted children and foster children) under the age of 18 living together (including on a less than full-time basis) as a unit; Children must be under the age of 18 and 1 or 2 Parents of the minors living at the same address. 

All family members need to be eligible in their own right for membership. The Family Membership class has only one vote at all General Meetings, the vote to be held by the 1st person on the family membership.

This membership level includes practice rights & driving license for one person only.  

Children must be a minimum age of 6 years. 

** For all members under 18 a copy of their birth certificate must be sent to .

Membership is on an annual basis and valid until the end of February 2025.

Please note waiver requirements are still required however all members will now be covered as per the AASA licencing insurance which includes personal incident insurance.